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  • Thanks liubo I follow Synthetik since day one ... glad you are in the same page :)

  • Here are links to 2 articles on how to organize presets. the first discusses the organization of the Preset folder. The second discusses how to make custom favorites categories.

    Presets Archives - Studio Artist Tips
  • depends on the preset. try putting them in the appropriate folder and then a corresponding subfolder so that they are at the same level as the existing presets. e.g. a vectorizer preset might go into

    Vectorizer>Vector Processing>CoolPresets

    also, hi ed :)

  • I read instructions but still need help. I downloaded the Cool presets, if I place them on Favorites do not show. Where should I place them ? please... Thank you.

  • I would like to know about both. Where should I start the thread?

  • Are you looking for manual paint stippling, or something that generates a completed stippled canvas kind of effect? You should open a discussion thread with your answer.

  • Anyone know of a stippling preset?

  • John, Both PASeq unzipped are crashing my SA on a windows machine ! The last one from Bernard, VPMSG34.zip is working fine!

  • Yes Danny it worked for me (Mac), it was the beginning of all the last preset I posted.

  • Danny, try this one.VectorizerTextRegions1A.paseq.zip

    Same preset, just zip compressed.

    Here's a variation that includes the Geodesic Interpolation ip op action step to fill in the blank spaces.


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Studio Artist V5.5 Presets

I'll try to drop some specific Studio Artist V5.5 presets in this forum thread. To start the ball rolling, here is a preset for an art strategy i call the 'Simplified Geodesic Approach'.  You can see the end result below.  It builds an adjacent raster pixel edge map, and then magically fills in everything else from that adjacent edge map (auto-inpainting). The PASeq i used for this is below. Note that only the first 2 action steps are necessary to build the effect. Everything else is sparkle…

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MSG Src Abstractor

I was using MSG to build some procedural canvas images to test the new Canvas : Canvas to: Style menu command , and bumped into a MSG preset that was working as a source abstractor. So i tweaked that factory preset a little bit, and got this one. I thought it woudl be fun to share the design process of the effect here, and share the new preset. Here was my workspace setup in Studio Artist V5.5. i wanted to show how i setup the MSG IO routing, since that is what people normally have a hard…

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Watercolor like Paint Synth presets

In a discussion here: https://studioartist.ning.com/forum/topics/can-we-have-watercolor-text-in-bitmap-mode The idea of applying a watercolor like stroke effect over a text piece was brought up. I am sure there are ways to fill text shapes with a wet watercolor effect - however - this actually caught my attention for a different reason.  I have in the past poked around in the SA feature: Bezier Draw. menu: Operation/Bezier/Bezier Draw. Drawing freehand in this area creates a series of beziers…

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