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  • Yes all the movie presets can work with still art. The other way around is not always the case
  • Hi all, I am looking for presets that best work with Source Movies, thx
    • Thx for the helpful organized PASeq presets. Do they work for both movies and still art?
    • Yes. You can use any PASeq preset with a movie or a still image as the source. The factory PASeq presets marked for use with movies are specifically designed to try and introduce temporal continuity into the resulting effect. And to not focus on rendering details or texturing that is not going to be seen (or may be a distraction) in a playing movie.

      Even if your only interest is creating still art, working with processing movies and/or building animation effects that play out over time can lead to many amazing still art images created from one of the frames of the animation.
    • That's great and well explained, but is there an organized PASeq examples guide for 'still art' such as the one I am using now for rotoscoping? and I am looking for a preset that I used in earlier SA version (on CD) which I can't find in v. 5.5, I really forgot its names but gives the effect of tiny detailed colored lines that resemble hair.
    • You should be able to import the old preset into V5.5 if you have it on a cd somewhere.
      Or if there is some problem (might be true for a really old PASeq), then if you have the name of it and what kind of preset it was i can take a look. I have a complete set of all of the old factory presets going back to V1 that i use in V5.5. So i might have it in a form that could be run in V5.5.
    • All the examples on the Synthetik site are made with PASeq presets. If you go to this link there are loads of presets by category you can get to on the top of the page and there is a explanation on how to find the presets. All the examples named the same as the Studio Artist PASeq preset name. https://synthetik.com/general-auto-rotoscoping-examples/
      General Auto Rotoscoping Examples
      [vc_row type=”vc_default” css=”.vc_custom_1637185901547{background-color: #494040 !important;}”][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_column_text css=”.vc_c…
    • Thanks for posting this!
      The examples are very inspirational
  • Hi Thor,
    Many thanks! I will check this out.

  • Hi All,
    I came here looking for Cool Presets I can download and learn from. Someone below mentions that he downloaded some Cool Presets - where is the link to those presets downloads? Thanks! Gary
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Paint Synth Presets - brillos and vector painting

The "CD_brillo" collection is a broad set of Paint Synth presets for drawing painting manually.CD_brillo.zipThe name originated in a set of experiments with Region Draw that filled with a grainy line like effect that looked like the old Brillo scrubbing pads texture. The "brillos" evolved into textured fills of various sorts. Some samples of one type are here: http://greenlightcd.blogspot.com/2021/01/a-house-in-blotville.htmlOther experiments went in the direction of finger paints, flowing dye…

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Paint Synth Presets - Two Painting Collections

Here are a couple of collections of Paint Synth presets that are for the most part about hand painting with a stylus and tablet setup.There is a heavy emphasis on vector based presets. Many blend with underlyng colors (the canvas) while drawing. This has a nice real (blending) media feel - while retaining vector crisp exportability.CD_hdmedia_additions_23 is a large collection of mostly vector drawing and painting presets:CD_hdmedia_additions_23.zip CD_hdmedia_additions_24_042021 is a smaller…

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Paint Synth Drawing - Magic Pencils

The Paint Synth presets in this zip are some experiments with a Magic Pencil like drawing - multicolor or mono color pencil like tools: CD_magic_pencils.zipThe thread here has an example of one of the multi color pencil effects (and some flowing dye effects) - all vector based: https://studioartist.ning.com/photos/house01-magicpencilI have a tremendous fondness for (real world) Magic Pencils. The multi-color effects of the lead means I have very little control of the emphasis of line edges -…

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