One of the MSG Canvas presets, uses ADVTurb, and one of it's parameters is ScaleSP.

The preset in question, has the value set to .000840386

This value gives me a very fine grained look, to the canvas, I'm playing with.

The editor makes it impossible to do anything other than make -/+.01 increments to ScaleSP. In fact, if I click on the value, it gets rounded down to zero, effectively removing all the canvas texture.

Am I just out of luck, or is there a super secret way to make fine scale adjustments to  ScaleSP?

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I see your point. It looks like the dynamic numeric editing field that comes up has a fixed limit on the number of characters past the decimal point. i'll take a look at that.

You could set the randomization in the Evolution Editor really small and then mutate off of your MSG preset. That would be a way to introduce fine mutations based off of your existing MSG preset. When you click the MSG Advanced Editor preview, mutations are generated in the Evolution Editor preview cells. Your existing preset was probably generated this way.

Another thing you could try to get around the problem is to keyframe the MSG preset in the PASeq timeline. Use your existing preset for keyframe 1. Then adjust the ScaleSp setting to 0. Then keyframe record it into a higher frame cell. Then you can click intermediate keyframe cells to interpolate ScaleSp to smaller values. Kind of round about but should let you adjust it smaller, since the interpolation will not be rounded like the numeric editing field is being rounded.

I'll give this a try and let you know  

I tried it out and it worked. Just like it says on the package:)

Now I can create a range with just a few clicks of the mouse.

But even better, if I turn on record, on the History Sequence, I can record each frame as a separate canvas, and wind up with entire family of canvases, with just a few more mouse clicks.


it looks like all parameters only allow two decimal places of accuracy. For the vast majority of parameters, anything more than two digits of accuracy would not make any noticeable difference in the final result,(I'm guessing, since I don't have access to SA at the moment)

As far as making mutations goes, They are too random, even when set to 1. Too many parameters get changed at the same time for it to be useful for my purpose. (my purpose , is to create a "Family" of custom canvases, each with a courser, weave. In the example, I posted, I'm only interested in changing ScaleSP, Bias, Gain and one other parameter.)


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