External GPU for Intel Mac - Anyone using one?

Hi, anyone here using an external GPU on an Intel Mac?

Just wondering if that speeds things up a bit with Studio Artist. 

I suppose if I decide to pull the trigger, I can check out Adobe forums for recommendations on specific one.

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Apple goes to great lengths to not make that really an option. It is very confusing, because until recently they implied in their marketing that they supported it, but the reality of it is very different. Most everyone i know doing it is using ancient old towers, not more modern machines.

There are no drivers even available for Nvidia cards at this point that i am aware of.  Feel free to correct me if you find out something different. 

My sense is that apple goes out of their way these days to actively exclude Nvidia cards from the mac. To apple's great detriment in my opinion.  Add another check mark to apple's rhetoric about being so pro AI but then the reality is that they actively exclude the GPU cards with the greatest open source AI support.

Our Nvidia RTX card here is in an intel windows tower, not hooked up to a mac via some kind of bus expansion box.

Studio Artist uses the GPU for vector graphics, and for screen blits, but all of our image processing happens in CPU cores, not GPU cores.

That will start to change in V6.  But only for the things it makes sense to do that way.  Not all image processing code can even run on GPUs.  But the stuff that can run there will start to migrate there in V6.

all of our image processing happens in CPU cores

Wow, I didn’t know this. What are the implications with regards to speed when Studio Artist will run natively on Apple’s Silicon chips?

Rosetta 2 actually does a pretty good job. But things will speed up when we do a native ARM compile.

I looked into this a while back for video editing. There are lots of factors, but the take away for me was that it wasn't worth it if the eGPU has to send its results back to the Mac (which is the case for video editing, or any kind of image processing really). Thunderbolt bandwidth becomes the bottleneck because the data has to go in both directions. For gaming, it is really worth it because the data only goes out (and then to the monitor).

Max Yuryev (spelling?) had a video about this on YouTube, maybe a year or so ago.

So, even if Studio Artist used the GPU a lot, an eGPU probably wouldn't help much.


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