New features I'd like to see

Hi all,

Beside my usual ask about being given a way to programmaticly run MSG, I'd like to see:

  • The ability to copy multiple Paint Action Sequence commands to the History Sequence Panel and vise versa. or the ability to do it with each panel.
  • The ability to change the Layer Value by clicking it, in either the History Sequence Panel or the Paint Action Sequence.
  • Make History Sequence Processor and the Paint Action Sequence Processor smart enough to know to create a layer if it doesnt exist. ( its supposed to do that now but it doesn't always work ) 


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  • Also, it wou;ld be helpful, if after using "Interface to Action Step" in the Editor window, the name of the step in the PASEQ, could be retained, for Image Operations

    Example,  I use the Geodesic Displace, IMage Operastion multiple times in the same PASEQ. I name each one based on some of the parameters I use. 

    For instance I may call the first step, Geodesic Displace D10_Disp10 because I used a Displacement amount of 10 and a Dispersment value of 10

    the next step I may call Geodesic Displace D5_Disp0 because I used a Displacement amount of 5 and a Dispersment value of 0

    If I make any changes to any of the parameters the entire name get reset to GeoDesic Displace. This is annoying.

    I dont have this issue when I make changes to brushes, and select "Interface to Action Step" afterwards.

    for instance PaintBezLayer-Thin (7 Pixel) (E) remains the same  name , no matter what changes I make to it's parameters.





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