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Studio Artist Feature Requests

I got tired of trying to track down the most populated and recent forum posts relating to feature requests for SA so I decided to start a group here.

Hopefully, it will be easier to follow than the posts on the forum.

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Comment by Synthetik Software on May 20, 2013 at 8:26am

Synthetik is always interested in new or improved feature requests from our Studio Artist users. So please feel free to post your feature requests for future Studio Artist releases here.

Comment by Eric on July 2, 2013 at 12:00pm

If it's not already possible... I would like a way to manually exclude the horizontal stroke fill pattern when generating random paint presets.

It might actually be nice to have an overall options blacklist in case users find options they just don't see themselves wanting to use. Then if they select a preset that contains a blacklisted option or more it could prompt to proceed as is or select alternative options. I don't know, just thinking.  I'm sure there are plenty of people that don't like every style out there though, and it would be nice to somewhat customize and narrow down to the things a person really likes. It'd be simple enough at any time to disable or edit the blacklist in case of broadening tastes or what have you.

It's basically expanding on the idea of favorites from the opposite direction... which other than some sort of weighted randoms system is the best way I could think of to reduce user specific undesirable random results.

Comment by Eric on July 16, 2013 at 10:38am

I had an odd thought that may or may not give you ideas. If you map out an image by say hue or luminosity, it would be interesting if you could either manually or automatically (random per hue or luminosity range) choose different effects (or presets) per range of hue or luminosity. Basically it would be creating hue or luminosity regions that could be treated differently.  I realize this can probably be achieved using masking, but it would be more of an on the fly and brush-able effect this way. It would also add a new dimension to the Gallery Show feature I believe.  I'm not saying that this would be particularly useful for simulating natural media, but SA does go beyond natural media, so I thought I'd share in case it spawns ideas. I could see using luminosity mapping being an interesting way to plan out a mixed media piece though... maybe as simple as dividing in half (i.e. lighter shades watercolor and darker shades charcoal). Then again... using it with ImOps or MSG could lead to some pretty bizarre visuals.

GUI could use a vertical gradient gray-scale for luminosity or color for hue representative of the hues or shades present in the source image. Then just place dividers in the gradient and specify presets per section of gradient. That's one of the more simplistic and easy to understand ideas that comes to mind anyhow.

Comment by Synthetik Software on July 16, 2013 at 1:25pm

There are lots of ways you could build Paint Action Sequences to do what you are suggesting. using hue or luminance to either generate masking regions for different effect. Or you could build up bezier paths or bezier regions from the hue or luminance range extraction, and control the different effects that way.

You could also abstract the shapes of the extracted masks or bezier shapes, which might lead to some interesting stylistic effects.

Comment by Eric on July 16, 2013 at 2:34pm

Got some tips to point me to? Also would any of these methods apply to manual/assisted painting?  What I was imagining was being able to paint a stroke and have it change presets on the fly based on hue or luminance region.

What can I say... I like having direct control over paint strokes a lot of the time. That's the only way as yet that I know of to make anything that actually looks like I might actually paint. Don't get me wrong... I think SA is amazing at what it does, but as is the nature of computer programs it is rule based and makes decisions on it's own the same way every time.  PasEqs are one way to mix things up to lessen the one dimensional results a highly detailed single preset autopainting might produce. I find that I very often make different choices than the program's rules dictate... So I find myself using mostly manual or assisted modes when painting. I was thinking of ways to automate variation while more or less maintaining manual control over stroke placement.

If I were to make an animation from video I would certainly want to automate as much as possible, but as my objective is normally to produce single frame works of art. I like to follow my personal sense of aesthetics more closely.

Comment by Eric on August 14, 2013 at 2:12am

I would like to see a way to paint (assisted mode) in the center of a region with rossler or other odd path shapes and have it gradually relax to follow region edges/contours as they are neared. I'd also like to be able to size brushes based on distance from edges... although you can sort of do that with the texture variable now.

When painting on canvas for real, I often use an under-painting with larger more or less random direction strokes in approximate coloration. I'll then use smaller brushes and then focus on defining edges and blending into them. I will then take my smallest brushes and do the fine detailing. So what I end up is a nicely detailed painting that still shows plenty  expressive brush strokes in the larger more flatly colored areas. It's not the ONLY way I paint, but it is a common method I would use with oils or Genesis paints when I used them. I have no problem mimicking this digitally, but I am trying to think of ways to get closer to a finished result more quickly. Usually, I end up just painting manually, or do enough post work that it might as well have been done manually.

Exploring Studio Artist has sometimes influenced my work in ways I may not have pursued before. It's an awesome tool for inspiration and ideas (gallery Show).  This forum is also a great resource for diverse approaches to art creation. So thanks for the tool-set that is SA4.

Comment by Tony Bouttell on October 6, 2013 at 10:51am

i have a couple of requests:)

  1. how about an ability to put layer commands in PASeqs. ie be able to add layers in a PASeq and record all the parameter changes as well as being able to re-order the layers.
  2. having some sort of meta control for MSGs. May times I have wished to run a MSG as a loop and output the result at each iteration of the loop.  Example: "in the current MSG; For AngularGrad4Cen2_Freq = 3.6 to 6.2 ; for AngularGrad4Cen2_Amp = 1 to 4; output an image/file;next;next;finish
  3. Increase the current number MSG memories from 14 to 30

I have more :)

Comment by Synthetik Software on October 6, 2013 at 3:43pm

Would keyframing a MSG action step in a PASeq give you what you want in #2?

Comment by Eric on November 27, 2013 at 1:53am

I was thinking that if there were a preview panel that could be switched on or off that quickly demonstrated on a fairly small proxy of your current source image being painted/processed... that could be very handy when tweaking settings to get a live preview.  That would also go a ways towards solving the issue of thumbnail images often being too small to be of much real use in asessing what presets do.

A live preview of what a single brush stroke would look like might also be useful.  I frequently work at resolutions of 3000x4000 pixels or higher, and that simply takes too long in many cases to even see what effect changes are having half the time.

The more quickly I can see visual feedback the faster I can make choices. These are thoughts at least, and I am unsure as to whether anyone else has made similar suggestions.

Comment by Synthetik Software on November 27, 2013 at 7:27am

You can build integrated html help pages for any preset you want to. So that would be a way to build something like that. You can put png images in the html page, and you can put active links that will automatically load the associated preset.

If you click Custom in the integrated help browser there is some documentation in there on how to build custom html help pages.


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