Accessing a Paseq, from a Paseq.

I created a few paseqs that contain a sequence of Gradient Multi Lighting(GML) commands so, that when I run it, I wind up with lighting from multiple angles, intensities etc.

I also have a paseq, that contains a collection of specialized brushes.

I'd like to be able, run the GML paseq, inside my Brush Paseq.

I can place the GMLs in to my Brush paseq, and run then individually, but I would rather run all three or four, as a single command.

I can also select  the GML Paseq from my Favorites, and run it, but that means my Brush Paseq needs to be selected again afterwards.

Does this make sense?







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  • You can import PASeq presets into the History Sequence.  And then you can either record the History Sequence playing back into a PASeq, or you can use the Action : History Sequence : Append to PASeq menu command to append the current History Sequence onto the end of the current PAseq.  So this is the mechanism you can use to combine different PAseq presets together into a longer PASeq that includes the contents of multitple PAseq presets.  Just eport it once you get it put together if you want to use it again.

    • Have you ever though of creating a history panel, like you have for MSG-memories?

      Each panel could represent,  ( in my case ), a lighting sequence. That would allow a user, to run or record a PASeq, in conjunction with a "history panel",  which would contain a pallette of lighting steps or whatever.

      Also, it would be really convenient, to be able to save a current paseq, by just right-clicking and selecting save. Export works, but most of the time, when I select it,  the location in the Export PASeq As doesnt show the location of the Current PASeq, it shows the location of the Last PASeq. So, now I have to located the current location, and then make sure I pick the correct name... 

      • History presets are PASeq presets.  Same file format, exact same thing.

        So you can save them as favorites or as category PASeq presets, and load them via preset browser when looking at PASeq presets.

        But i get your point that having a way to swap in different PASeq presets into the History Sequence could be a useful thing.

        • Yes, I understand PASEQ and History are essentially the same thing.

          The problem is,  even if we could swap a history sequence into the paseq workspace, it would wipe out whatever paseq was already there.

          What I'm suggesting is to be able access a History sequence, as if were a PASeq,  via an icon, and have it populate the history work area. This way we could access History and Paseqs via icons, and have them both populate their repective areas.

          That's why I mentioned the MSG memories. If histories could be accessed via their own panel of icons, that would be awesome.


          • I was thinking you could use drag and drop to get what you want, but i need to add something to the code to pull it off.  Looking into that this week.

          • I wanted to point out that you can build up an extended PASeq composed of different existing PASeq presets by using the preset browser or the Favorites browser to import the various PASeq presets you want to append together one by one.  You build up the composite appended presets in the History Sequence.  You can then either use that History Sequence directly, or swap it into the PASeq list if you want to work with it there, or export it as a new PASeq preset you can access when you want to use it.

            You can Copy Replace or Copy Append a PASeq to History, or vice versa using the appropriate Action menu commands.

            You can also just turn on recording and play what you want to append if you want to work that way.

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