Achieving this effect in SA

HI all!

I am wondering if somene can direct me in the right direction to achieve this tyrpe of effect?  (This is not my work and I do not own the copyright-just sharing this image as it is the closest I have found to the effects I am trying to achieve.)

Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 12.27.35 PM.png  

I have tried working with some watersheds to get the layering/shadow depth effect but it's just not working as I would like. Does anyone have any tips i can explore to get this type of effect?
Thank you!

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  • I would also incorporate some kind of self-modulated warp effect.

    And recursive processing where you run the processing recursively in a loop multiple times.

    I'll try to put together something to show off what i'm talking about, and post that here later.

  • 10347586660?profile=RESIZE_930x

    Made using a combination of Displacement and Smart Blur image ops. Are you accustomed to using Paint Action Sequences?

    • i wish there was a way to attch files to these replies. I could show screenshots of the two Image Op setings panels if you'd like. Or contact me and I could email. victor@victrolux.xom

      • A three step paseq. Here are the steps.

        1. Erase canvas to source image
        2. Displacement (image operation) step (see screenshot below)
        3. Smart Blur (image operation) step (see screenshot below)

        You load source image of your choice into source area. Vary the amount of displacement (top slider in each ImOp) and the # of repetitions (near the bortom of each panel) to experient with the look you want.

        There are many ways to do this sort of thing. But this may be one way to start experimenting.



        • this is absolutley perfect! Thank you Victor! I would gladly take this file since you offered, may I send an email-this be the correct one? victor@victrolux.xom

          Thank you!

          • oops.. typo on email.  here is the correct:

            get in touch there. and if you need to discuss more about this, I'd be happy to.


          • Hi Heather. I have not heard from you via email... fyi... in case you have attempted to connect. ~victor

            • HI Victor! thank you for reaching out! I had some family emergencies to tend to, but back in the real world again!

              I will send you an email! thanks again!

            • HI Victor, I sent you an email and got a bouce back-is this the correct one?

              • that is correct. though try this too:

This reply was deleted.

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