Can tell me if its possible to create the look of the brown wrapping paper with the wrinkled edges as in Mark's latest piece in SA? Mark scanned the paper in his piece.

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if this helps
Great, Mark. Thanks

yes it is possible and not that difficult.


as usual several different paths to the result in SA:

texture syth, displacements, warps with layers and gradient lighting displacements.

the difficult part would be the edge work. But an eraser and a bit multiply blending should do it.


Paul you are a master of texture. just start with your canvas near your desired color...(fixed color imop)


There are also tens of thousands of free textures down loadable from the web.

made 100% in SA no source image .. just imops and text synth  and a little paint splatter on a solid source color.

Michael. I am impressed. If I can master this, it will expand my possibilities. Thanks

Paul with your eye for texture I suspect that you will make the above look like child's play. A while back I posted a PASeq that took the texture of layer one and applied it to the image of layer 2. Dig that out and it will make your journey easier.


Could you post the PASeq you used to make above?

I will try to cook one up. I did not record a PASeq for this. I just did hand adjustments with imops the texture synth, adjusts and the paint synth (eraser and splatter), until I was happy.

attached is a PASeq with all the tricks it in. You will want to have 2 layers active and a source image for this one. I really am offering it for anyone interested to see the process. The real idea is to pull the process apart and make it your own. Just using this PASeq will end up with boring results pretty quickly.




I noticed that this PASeq preset does not have layer Playback turned on. So i'm assuming you would want to turn that on. Otherwise it will just playback in whatever is your current layer, as opposed to using the layer information recorded in the individual action steps.

This parameter is saved in a PASeq preset, so you could make the change and then option click the current preset icon and then say yes to overwrite the old preset file with the editing change.


Just a reminder to everyone, if you are using a PASeq that uses multiple layers, you do need to make sure you have the correct number of layers available in the canvas before you run the PASeq. So since this uses 2 layers, you would need to make a new layer if you only had one layer before you used it.  

I fixed the layer playback and moved the second the texture synth step to a better place in the sequence. Again I want to emphasize that you all should be pulling this apart and looking at the steps individually. The basic concept is 1) create some texture and a bit of "old paper color" 2) express that texture on the a second layer which has a target color closer to your desired goal. 3) create the edge 4) add some "shading" 5) add some distressing.


Each of these steps could be done in many different ways.


Have fun. Post any interesting variations to the preset sharing group.




A couple more comments

the interactive pen steps will only work as intended if your canvas is the same size as what I used when I created the preset.

5 of these are erasing the edge. 2 are adding a bit of splatter. Select these steps - Action step to interface-- and you can do your own hand drawing. If you want you can record your step and replace mine.

I do encourage you to experiment with them. I this PASeq are several of my custom paint presets. One paints snowflake like designs. Another splatters wet ink. enjoy the easter egg hunt.

Alternatively you can just turn them off.


Don't forget to try different composite settings and percent blend for the second layer


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