can't use any of my quicktime videos after upgrading to catalina.

can someone please advise. the 32 bit version doesn't work. am i supposed to convert everything into something that is not quicktime? is there a workaround? i use fcprox to edit. 

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Are you referring just to Studio Artist? 

Or to the general issue of some quicktime movie files no longer playing on Catalina in any application? (apple doesn't support all of the old codecs).

I'll try to better answer your question when i understand your answer to above.

We are working on finishing up Studio Artist V5.5, which uses our new 64 bit cross platform video engine, and will let you work directly with movie files in Studio Artist on Catalina.  That was supposed to come out in Sept, so you can blame me for the lag time in actually getting it out the door here.

You can setup an external hard disk with osx 10.14 on it.  Set it up so it's a boot disk. So then you can hold down the option key when you boot your catalina mac, select that 10.14 boot drive, and run your computer with that.  Then you can use all of your old 32 bit software.

And you can use the existing Studio Artist V5 64 bit app to process folders of numbered frame images using a PASeq.  We have discussed this on the forum in other posts.

i was referring to sa but since i have lost other video related apps it could be because they are 32 bit apps too. i will try the boot disk suggestion. thank you.

I'm wondering if someone could come up with a solution for running old 32 bit stuff using Docker.  You'd have a Docker container with osx 10.14 and all of the associated dynamic libraries you would need for what you want to run (the old app you want to run) in the container.

I'm not suggesting you do this.  But i'm pointing it out here on the public forum because it seems like it might be a way to construct a solution for people who want to run old software on newer machines. So some technically minded individual might get inspired and build an open source container with example app running in it.

Basically you're using the container to build the virtual environment you old app can run on.  So it's one thing that encapsulates everything you need to run the app it's associated with.  The virtual environment is then run on the newer os that is installed on the computer.

i just started looking for a way to download mojave and the link i used just a few months ago is no longer allowing me to download it. maybe i could download high sierra. i do have an older sort of working laptop with mojave on it.

You should be able to get installers for a series of older osx version at apples web site.  Goto support and then search for it on their site.

Here's a way to get it via where ever they buried it it the app store.

I really liked it better when you could just download the installer directly rather than use the app store.

that's the link i used to install mojave on my older mac. it wouldn't download on this one that has catalina on it so i'm downloading it on the older one. i've never partitioned anything before. should be interesting. 


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