Export a part of a PAseq as a (paint synthesizer classic) paint preset?

HI! there are a some steps of some PASeq that I really like, is there a way I can export a specific step of a PASeq as a (paint synthesizer classic) paint preset instead of a PASeq? I have tried to export a step and the only option I have is to export as a PASeq.


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If you run the action step, then the Editor for the op mode associated with the action step is set to the parameters in the action step. So if the action step is a paint action step, then you can just export a paint preset from the paint synth editor after running the paseq action step.

Thank you, but I am still not understanding how to do this. I would like to get my watershed effect out of a PASeq so I have more control over it, basically turning that effect into a paint preset so I have control over where it starts, etc. Is this possible?
I really like the effect of this watershed, (see screenshot) however, I am having so many issues when I try to rescale, and I need large format-at least 30 inches at 300 dpi. I have tried so many different things to get this to work. My art is printed on very large canvases.When I try to rescale this effect, I get very black areas, and little "spaces", almost like dots, on flat areas where the effect doesnt know how to fill in the area.

And, I would like to have more control over where and how "dense" the effect is, for instance, the background less effect and some areas more effect.

If you run a single action step, then the editable controls of the operation mode associated with that action step are set to the values saved in the action step. You can then just press the action button in that operation mode to run the effect in that action mode (as opposed to running it by playing the paseq).

So, you have a paint action step. If you run it, then the process of running it sets the paint synthesizer up for that particular paint effect. So if you switch to paint synth operation mode and press action, then the paint effect will run. You can then use file : export : export paint preset to save the paint effect as a paint preset.

You can also change any of the controls in the paint synth Editor to adjust the effect. You can save these edited changes as a different paint preset if you want.

As to adjusting the paint effect. You can work with the brush size and spacing to increase the brush coverage and move individual paint nibs closer together to help get more density.

You can also change the region pattern spacing of the path shape being used to fill the path start regions (Path Shape control panel).

You could modulate the brush size if you want different density or coverage in different areas.

Or you could mask the canvas and run the paint effect twice. So entire canvas with loose effect. Then increased density on selected regions.

Thank you! Your directions worked perfectly for exporting this into a paint preset.

Is there a way I can set up a region watershed so I have manual control over where it lays (like assisted painting?) So I would be able to just paint the areas that I would want this effect instead of masking?


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