GS: force masking

I want to experiment with a bunch of finished artworks.
Is it possible to set the GS only with focus doing the auto masking-functions and mute all other generative effects that touch my sources?
For the main-technique I want to use an io-preset that does only some light adjustments. thank you

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  • illuminating!

  • So you can put whatever presets you want in a custom favorites folder,  make that folder the current favorites folder, then run the current favorites main technique.

    So if you only have one preset in there, then it will just run that one preset.

    Mutate Current Favorites would always be mutating it, so it would be different parameter settings each time it runs.

    But using Current Favorites doesn't change the preset parameters in any way.


    Turn off everything else.

    There is a gallery show quick edit under action : gallery show that lets you Initialize gallery show, so that is a great fast way to turn off everything.


    If you use the Fixed Image ip op, then your technique is just going to pass through whatever the Ip Source is set to.

    Sa V5.5.5 Fixe Image IpOp has some extra effects built into it, so make sure those are turned off if you are using that version for this particular thing you want to do.


    So then if you turn on the auto-masking part of gallery show, it is juts going to automask  the main technique output, which is the Fixed Image ip op passing the source image through.

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