How To Change Color Scheme?

I would like to try differentcolor schemes when doing a painting froma photo.or a new painting from scratch. I am baffled by the palette commands.

Precisely how can different color schemes be chosen, ifthis is possible?




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  • A super easy way to generate a color palette is to drag and drop an image onto the source color palette.


    I drag an image from google image search to the source color palette area above, drop it there, and then get the new color palette generated from the dropped image below.


    You can set the # of colors in the color palette by using the 'Edit: Palette: gen Algorithm: Set Num Color...' menu command.


    That menu above is also available in the context menus if you control click the source area of the interface.


    The three check box options are different algorithms for generating a color palette from an image.  They all look different, experiment and see which one you like the best.


  • Here's a link to some video tutorials on creating color palettes by using images.


    Here's a link to a blog post on incorporating custom color palettes into a paint effect.

    Creating Color Palettes with Using Images and other Techniques
    Three Training videos on Color Management through the source area as well as how to automatically make and save Color Palettes using your favorite im…
  • The Studio Artist workspace is built around a concept of recordable memory buttons.   You click a memory button to play back what is recorded in it into the general working interface.  You option click a memory button to record the current state of the working interface into the memory button. 

    When i say 'state of the interface' i'm referring to the specific part the memory button is associated with.


    Each individual color cell in the source color palette is a color memory button. 

    If you press the memory button (click down on the color cell), then that color becomes the current source color.


    If you option click a color cell, then the current source color will be recored in top the color cell you option clicked.



    If you move to the Color tab for the source area, you get a color picker you can use to choose and/or edit the current source color.



    There are interactive hot key modifiers you can use to interactively adjust all of the colors in the source color palette at the same time.


    You hold down the hot key modifier, then mouse down into the source color palette, then drag the cursor to the left or right to interactively adjust (based on the hot key modifier you are using), then release the mouse when you are finished interactively adjusting.

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