Is there any Paseq that generate this:

I want to make line draw SVG/EPS like this:

Do you any tips and tricks for generating this in vector?
thank you

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I think an approach to generating this kind of effect is to build an autodraw interactive pen mode preset that lets you interactively control the extent of the throw of the scribble as you move it around the canvas. So you'd turn on the source onion skin to act as a guide, and then move the autodrawing paint tool while you  modulate the spread of the scribble and where the drawing is occurring.

You could probably setup pen tilt orientation to modulate the direction of the throw to give you more control.

So like a interactively directional path shape.  That is also interactively length modulated.

Another interactive paint tool approach would be to just interactively modulate the randomization. So still use autodraw interactive pen mode. Setup the path shape like you are doing in your example preset where you use the Path Load spline to the last start point option.  Setup the path start generator to just track the pen.  Use pressure to randomize an offset for the path start point.  And maybe use the tilt cone modulator options to let you make things more directional. You can do that in Path Randomization control panel as well.

Would you please give a preset?

I can understand your frustrations. But that is the beauty of Studio artist. This is an art style and everyone wants to keep the secret to their chest. Read between the lines of his suggestions and you may just arrive at sometime better. I created something similar at some point. (See attached). But you can't believe me that I can't find the paseq file. But if this is close to what you are looking for, I might put some more time to arrive at it again.


I have attached here another iteration. Let me if this is coming close.


I have attached another iterations with multiple rendering to drive details into the art.

Thank you, of course I know nobody likes to give his/her presets but john, he is the developer and give if he can generate a good preset,
Now with your generation, Yes this is so good,there is an option in SA that combines lines together and it simulates an one continues line, please turn it on and generate again, now lines are scattered.
Thank you again for your time.

I will love to see that option that combines lines together and it simulates one continuous line. Maybe I can look into what makes it scattered. You are welcome, I hope I have been of help.

Keep in mind that every hour i spend on putting together new presets or building new tutorials for people is an hour that is lost to code development. At this point in time code development is taking a high priority here.  So i apologize if it seems like i'm not as responsive to answering every user question in super detail right now like i have at other points in the Studio Artist timeline.


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