As I understand it correctly you can only run batch processing with PASeq. I have now several MSG presets which I would like to test on a bigger scale with a set of picture. How to make now presets into PASeq? 

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You can just record the MSG preset (or presets if it's a multiple step effect process) into a PASeq (paint action sequence).

So bring up the PASeq palette.

Hit the erase button at the top of the PASeq palette.

Turn on the Rec checkbox at the top of the PASeq palette.

Run the MSg preset.

Turn off the Rec checkbox.

If you want to export your new PASeq preset you can just use the appropriate File : Export menu.

Here's a tip on working with PASeq.

yes, that works. thanks John, even on a Sunday !

Hi John

Happy New Year to you and all the folks at SA and the Community of users !

I'm a newbie and just trying to get my head around running a series of presets - some of which are MSG, others Vector on a folder of STILL Images only.  Am I able to run Action/Batch Process/with Paint Action Sequence, on all categories of presets ?

And within the action I was hoping there might be a way to control the "length of time" certain sub-steps "play" so that I might be able to emphasize certain characteristics of the still images.

If anyone has any suggestions I'd very much appreciate a heads up.

Much appreciated.


Any of the action menu commands like processing movies or batch processing only work with paint action sequences (PASeq). So you would need to take whatever presets you are interested in, and make a PASeq using them, and then run batch processing with that.

As far as 'length of time', there's no direct concept of that in Studio Artist for processing action steps. Normally, it's a function of how long the action step takes to process. You could try editing action steps to make them run faster or slower, but that's going to change the effect in most cases.

Paint action steps are a little different, in that you can adjust the number of paint strokes associated with the action step. To do that, you adjust the Max Stroke option in the Path Start control panel.

There's also a way to slow down each paint stroke, if that is what you are looking for. To do that, you can use the Throttle Speed option in the Miscellaneous control panel. There are specific timing settings there you can use to delay each paint stroke by the specified timing amount.

hi John:

Thanks very much for getting back to me. I apologize for my "newbieness" - I will have to familiarize myself with these features.

re: "Any of the action menu commands like processing movies or batch processing only work with paint action sequences (PASeq). So you would need to take whatever presets you are interested in, and make a PASeq using them, and then run batch processing with that."

Is this process explained in detail in the User Manual you could direct me to ?


Thanks !

It's pretty straightforward. Just turn on recording in the PASeq window (the rec checkbox). Then run whatever preset you want using the main Action button. Whatever action you are running is recorded as an action step in the PASeq. Turn off PASeq recording. You now have recorded PASeq that uses that action step. You can now run batch processing with it.

Any of the tutorial movies on the main synthetik site that discuss how to process a movie file run through how to record a PASeq. This tip is also a good introduction to recording a PASeq.

An alternative way to do what you want is to use Gallery Show. Put the presets you are interested in using into a custom favorites folder. Then run gallery show using the current favorites technique, and make sure your custom favorites folder is the current favorites. 

This is way more advanced than the normal use a PSeq to do it, but thought i'd mention it.

Here's some tips on gallery show.

Here's a tip on custom favorites folders.

Thanks John - will do some digging

I wonder if you might have any insights as to the most common reasons for the program to crash

I notice it's quite the CPU hog


I will investigate from this end this afternoon.

thank you !


You should file a crash report on our helpdesk . Please attach the mac crash log, since that can tell us what the problem was, and is the best way to resolve the problem.

Other than issues associated are running out of memory from working with very large canvas sizes, i'm not aware of any crash issues. I can run studio artist all day doing all kinds of things continuously with no crashes.


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