MSG Quilt Patterns

Studio Artist 5 has a number of new MSG processors that generate algorithmic quilt patterns. lets start with a simple example using the 3C QuadBlock CP processor. 

The screenshot shows the Simple QuadBlock1 MSG preset attached below. I show the preset loaded into the MSG Advanced Editor along with some mutated variations of the preset in the Evolution Editor.

First some terminology. 3C refers to 3 color channels. QuadBlock refers to the type of quilt pattern. CP refers to color palette. So, the processor generates a 3 channel color output, uses a color palette input to determine coloring, and is generating a QuadBlock style pattern.

The Quilt processors are designed to stack. Here's a variation of the first preset (Simple Stacked QuadBlock 2) that uses 2 3C QuadBlock CP processors to generate more complicated QuadBlock quilt pattern. Again, i have some mutated variations of the second preset show in the Evolution Editor.

How to Stack Additional Quilt Pattern Processors

Note that when you drag the second 3C QuadBlock CP processor from the Source Library into the Processor Chain Editor, you are going to need to manually adjust the IO connections for the dragged processor so that they are correct.

So i just dragged the second 3C QuadBlock CP processor from the Source Library to the Processor Chain Editor in the screen shot below.

So now i change to the IO editor tab for that second selected 3C QuadBlock CP processor.

Note that all 3 output IO ports are set to R Out, which we don't really want.

It makes more sense to hook up the 3 output ports to the 3 different color output streams (R Out, G Out, B Out).

I can manually make the output port edits to be correct, as shown below. Noe how the coloring of the preview effect changed dramatically when i did that.

The quilt pattern generator processors are designed to stack to create more complicated patterns. So that's why we pass the R Out, G Out, B Out streams into the input ports for the second quilt pattern generator processor.

Look at the IO routing for the 3 different processors in this MSG preset to understand how it's set up. The first SetToValue processor outputs to the R Out stream only (since it's a single channel flat color image generator).

The second processor (the first quilt pattern generator) uses the R Out stream for all 3 input ports. And outputs to R Out, G Out, B Out.

And we discussed the 3rd processor (2nd quilt pattern generator) IO connections above. 

Any subsequent stacked quilt pattern processors would follow the IO routing used for the 3rd processor.

Simple QuadBlock1

Simple Stacked QuadBlock2

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  • Here's a Stacked QuadBlock Tile quilt pattern processor.


    The associated MSG preset is attached below.

    It's often a good idea to lock the number of horizontal and vertical tiles for this kind of preset prior to working with the Evolution Editor (# H Tile, # V Tile). This will insure the tiling rations stay the same as you mutate different variations. You don't have to do this of course, but it leads to more controllable results. Note that i set # H Tile, # V Tile to 2 for the first QuadBlock Tile processor, and set to 4 for the second QuadBlock Tile processor.

    Stacked QuadBlock Tile

    • I'm intrigued by this as I want to create some repeat pattern fabric, so i'm going to experiment with this, thankyou

  • I mentioned that Studio Artist 5 has a number of different new quilt pattern generators available as MSG processors. They include the following:

    3C DiamondFigure CP


    3C NineBlock CP


    3C NineBlock1 CP


    3C QuadBlock CP


    3C QuadBlock1 CP


    There are also self-tiled versions of some of the different quilt patterns.

    3C DiamondFigure Tile CP


    3C NineBlock Tile CP


    3C QuadBlock Tile


    I've attached a zip compressed folder of presets for the various simple quilt pattern processors discussed above below.

    Quilt Pattern

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