I have recently found that certain jpgs  do not open correctly in SA for Windows. They come up as an entirely black image ! These jpgs open perfectly in PS or any other program I have that uses a jpg file. I may have processed some of these with the new Corel Aftershot and done other post processing, but that does not explain why they open normally in all other programs. Other jpgs open normally in SA. Re-saving in PS does not help and there are no layers.

Is this a known bug ? Any suggestions ?

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Good point. JPEG does not, JPEG XR does.

I was reading about jpegs with CMYK as opposed to RGB channels, i'm not sure what would happen with one of those as a source image.

An image with an alpha channel set to full off appearing black and then confusion about why that is the case is kind of a common issue, so that's why my immediate thoughts were to mention that.

Sorry, i missed the fact that you posted a jpg image with your original post. It opens and displays fine in studio artist on a mac, which is the computer i'm using at the moment. I'll check it out on windows a little bit later today.

Sorry everyone missed the attached jpg. I await your reply !

I just opened your image and another one eric emailed me, and they both open up fine in studio artist on windows xp. I'll try some other windows os's a little later. Not sure what to tell you


Eric's black movie frames were showing up as black because the RGB channels of those movie frames were solid black.

I'm on win 7 home x64 with my laptop... here

I just tried opening them both in Studio Artist on windows 7 64 bit. Same result as XP, they both open fine, which is kind of what i expected after they worked ok on XP. So again, i'm not sure what to tell you.

I now have part of the answer to this problem. If I save a file in CS5 (Photoshop) in the "progressive" jpg mode, it opens as a black screen in SA. If it is saved in the standard or optimized jpg mode, they open normally in SA. I must have inadvertently put the jpg save into "progressive mode" on a couple of pics. Now, this does not explain:

1. Why it is not happening on your Win 7 (there was an update within the past week)

2. Why SA is the only program on my machine which cannot open the jpgs in the "progressive mode"

  My guess is that I do not need the progressive mode save, so it hopefully will not be a problem

However, it is unlikely  I am the only Win 7 user who will encounter this. I used to be MAC, as most of the forum users are, but there are probably more Win users out there.

 I am using Win 7


  Did you catch my email regarding the source of the problem? It appears that SA on Win 7 gives "black" for jpegs saved in "progressive" mode on CS5. You may have been able to open the one I sent because it was altered by the upload process
 to a standard jpg format. Try saving in CS5 progressive format on your machine running Win 7.

I don't have CS5 on any of our windows machines. progressive mode is the default setting for saving jpegs in my copy of photoshop on the mac. I don't have any problem opening those jpeg files on windows in studio artist.

Zip compressing a file and then uploading or emailing the zip archive would insure that the file would not be altered in any way, if you want to try that.

As far as i know the default JPEG save preference in Photoshop is standard baseline - that is in Windows versions anyway.

Saving a JPEG as progressive in Photoshop CS5 on my Win7 64bit opens perfectly in SA4.

I don't know what to tell you. I now can reproduce this phenomenon 100% of the time using CS5 64 bit and SA 4.04 on Win 7. JPGs saved as progressives open black on SA.I will try to upload a zipped file for others to try. If it is only my machine, that implies a corrupted file somewhere.


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