I have gone from version 4 to version 5 on a new Windows PC. There was a fantastic Image Operations Preset called "Image Compressor" on version 4 that beautifully added contrast and intensified colors. I can find nothing like it on version 5.

Does someone still have the file for this preset for Windows?

If so, I would greatly appreciate a copy and precise instructions how to get it into version 5. I have found the existing posts describing how to get version 4 presets into version 5 to cryptic to help me.

Thanks !

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You can run any V4 preset in V5.

What are you finding too cryptic about posted instructions for getting V4 presets into V5? I'm happy to explain in more detail.

All of the presets that Studio Artist uses are located inside a folder called Preset. The Preset folder is inside of your main Studio Artist 5 folder. On windows, the Studio Artist 5 folder would be located inside of the Program Files (x86) folder on your computer (Applications folder on a mac).

Here is a tip that explains the folder organization of the Preset folder.

Custom favorites categories are a good way to organize presets you use a lot. And would be an easy way to add some favorites presets you like in V4 to V5.

I attached an Image Compressor ip op preset from V4 below.

It uses the Image Compressor image operation effect. You can adjust the Image Compressor interactive controls in the Editor when in Image Operation mode.

A good starting setting would be Gain and Bias set to 50, and local adaptation set to 4 or 8.


Thank you! It worked. Great support.


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