HI all,

Could someone help me understand what settings I would modify to get my watershed to go vertically instead of diagonally? 


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There are many different 'Watershed' named effects in Studio Artist, so i'm not sure which one you are asking about in this post. If you attach the preset you are using, i can take a look at it and comment further.

The Watershed ip op effects have a Propagate option, and you can use different settings available there to help control how the watershed effect propagates over the canvas.

I cannot upload anything again...I thought this issue was resolved? Can I email it? I cannot attach, I get an error and then this page. I have tried on two different browsers.

I am going to try again. 

Hopefully attachment support will pop back in a few hours.

You can email it directly to me if you can't get the attachment to work.

Hi, still not working, what is the email to send the preset to? Thank you!

Ok, so your PASeq preset really just is using one paint action step.

So when you go into the paint synthesizer, you can see that it's using path start regionization. The path start generator is the Watershed DM, and the Path type is Path Start Regionization.

So the paths generated to fill each region are defined by the Region Pattern Type in the path Shape control panel. Which is set to OutlineFill Hilbert right now. You could try some other options for the path type.

I tried using Hatch 1. Simple basic hatch pattern.

Now you will also notice that the Region Hatch Angle is set to Path Angle.

So if you go to the Path Angle control panel, you can see that you have the Path Angle set to Hue. So it's going to rotate the hatch angle based on the hue of the region. You want it to have an angle of 90 for each region if you want the hatches to be vertical, so change the Path Angle to Fixed and the Offset to 90.


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