• I wanted to point out that if you manually put together a folder of Favorites presets that a re all paint presets with the characteristics you are looking for (so black and white and just line painting in your desired example, and then use the Mutate Favorites with the Gallery Show Mutate Paint preference set to Mingle, then you can generate continuous mutated variation sof the aggregate properties of the individual presets you places in that favorites folder.

    So everyone is capable of running these kind sof 'what if gallery show did this' experiments today, without having to wait for us to add generative preference options that do the automatic editing for you.

  • For that second 'only lines' one, are you saying you just want it to turn off 'region fill as brush' pen mode options, or?


    I get the first one, only a gray scale palette with no color.  

    Or just pure white or pure black for painting.  Althought that would probably make more sense as a generative paint option rather than a palette option.

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Please add some Exclude list for PASeq list

First thank the developers for debugging and solving Problems of texts and others in new releases, It is some days that I work all the time with SA and it works with the Best performance in 24 hours.As usual, I have to say that the SA may also has these abbilites now, so if it is, guide Please Design a simple way in the gallery Show Mutate (or vector save) that we can add an "Exclude PASeq commands list" and "A global text":Imagine that I have some PASeq with many commands in my facorite…

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Where is ProRes & co?

I have both FCPX and Davinci Resolve innstalled on my Mac, and the ProRes codecs are available on both those applications. But not Studio Artist. It is not a choice when I select codec from streams in the File menu. Where is it hiding? Anyone have a clue or experienced the same problem? Thanks!David

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Auto White Balance and Color Histogram Equalization

Someone recently suggested adding auto white balance adjustment and color histogram equalization to V6.  Both of those effects have existed in Studio Artist since V1.  I would encourage you to check out the White Balance IpOp effect and the Image Compressor IpOp effect respectively. You can also build both of these kinds of color statistics manipulation effects using MSG processors. Studio Artist V5.5.5 also has a new IpOp effect called the Image Compeller.  It allows you to manipulate the…

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