Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to use the vectorizer for video in such a way that does not result in a jumpy / flashing image. I am using version 4... using 'image' as the main generation technique, with 'color simplify' as the generator.

By selecting the keyframe setting in the movie options, i am able to minimalize the amount of jumping around that the vector shapes are doing (im still learning, so im not sure if i can select what aspects of the image are actually being keyframed).

But my main issue is the extreme changes in color from frame to frame which are making the video very flashy.

Apologies for the newby framing of my question, and thanks in advance for any help that can be offered.

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Extreme changes with the vectorizer are a bit unusual. Check the drawing panel to see if there is some randomization occurring. Beyond that there are plenty of posts in the form on reducing "flicker" in movies scan through these for tips that may help even if unrelated to the vectorizer.

thanks a lot 'flicker' was the terminology i was missing in my searches!! much appreciated

I use the terminology 'temporal continuity' a lot in my replies on this subject here or in blog posts about this kind of thing. So that would be another thing to search for. 

Here's a link that provides an entry point into a lot of different online tutorials we have that discuss strategies for building PASeqs for movie processing.

Depending on what you are trying to achieve, you could also try some of the other generation techniques for the vectorizer image technique. Maybe Color Quantize would work better for your footage? Or maybe you could build a custom source palette using just a few key colors from your source frame and use the Color palette generator. 


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