I would like to know how to go about making the widths and heights of the images inside the mosaic tiles more symmetrical? Currently the images are of asymmetrical dimensions and look "warped". I used Letters and Squares as my Mosaic Image Folder. Attached is the Paint Synthesizer preset I created and used. Letters_Squares_13

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  • OK, so when you are mapping an image or image folder or movie brush to a 'region fill as brush' pen mode drawn region, the current Brush Source image (after any index mapping for the start point) is dynamically interpolated to match the rectangular boundary of the region shape. That is the way it currently works on V5.


    People have suggested that we allow for different interpolation algorithm options. Especially to include one that doesn't modify the aspect ratio of the brush image as it gets resized to fit the rectangular boundary of the region shape.

    So that is currently on the 'to do' feature list.

    If there are other interpolation options you would like to see us add, speak up.

    I don't know if content-aware interpolation would really be useful for this kind of thing? The maintain the aspect ratio request i do get.

    Background Texture fills work differently. So an image or movie background texture would tile to fill the larger area. Image Folder background textures are on the 'to do' list.

    • I asked another feature before at:

      Please let us to select the origin ponit center/left/right/top/bottom.

      • Center of mass would work, correct? So the center mapping of the boundary rectangle (from the brush source center to the boundary rectangle center). Whatever interpolation algorithm the user picked would be working off of that mapping.

        One default mapping option would be the way it currently works (based off of the (0,0) corner). So all of the old presets would work the way they do now.

    • Synthetik I would love an option to set the source brush images to retain aspect ratio, so they don't get skewed.

      • In V5.5, there is a setting in the Brush Source control panel for image or image folder brushes called MB RegionizeResizeOpt.  This lets you set how the image being used in the brush is resized for a 'region fill as brush' pen mode fill.

        The default option is to fit the image to the region.  But there are other options that allow you to preserve the aspect ratio of the brush image if you want that.


        So i think this parameter option gives you what you are asking for.

        If i'm missing something, let me know with some more additional information.


        Just to make things clear, if you are working with individual brush nibs in any of the more normal pen modes, like interactive pen for example, then the aspect ratio of the brush images is maintained.  Brush size modulation in the Brush Modulation control panel is going to not change the aspect ration of the brush. 

        Unless you specifically pick a Size Option that only resizes just the horizontal or vertical sizing.  I would say those options are almost never used in any of the presets we provide.

        The presets that use 'region fill as brush' pen mode options work differently then the 'normal' pen mode options that blit a resized (and or rotated) brush image onto the canvas.  For the region fill as brush pen modes, the brush image is resized (based on the MB RegionizeResizeOpt setting) to fill the one time temporary region being filled in region fill as brush pen mode. So in V5.5 an onwards, you can choose whether that resizing completely matches the region or adapts to maintain the aspect ration of the brush image.

        If you are confused by the different pen modes, here is a tip on working with the different pen modes in Studio Artist.


        Adjusting the Pen Mode - Studio Artist Tips
        The Paint Synthesizer can respond to your mouse or pen movements in different ways.  How the current paint preset responds to pen movement is a funct…
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Cloning - From Sampled Location Centre To Where Painted? How?

Dear Forum members, I'm atempting to create a cloner brush from which I can selected the sample point and paint from the sampled centre to a new location ( As one might do in Photoshop etc) but I'm having absolutely no luck.I've been attempting to use the features in Paint Source Offset > Tracking >Offset Start but it seems to be offsetting from the source image bounds (or some such voodoo) and not a specified sampled point.Any help in this matter would be greatly appeciated.

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