Vectorizer Feature Requests?

I'm looking into what to do with the Vectorizer in the future. So i thought i'd open up a discussion to see if there were any features in particular people were interested in seeing added to the Vectorizer in future versions of Studio Artist.


Suggestions could be very specific (like, 'add this new adjustable parameter'), or more vague (like, 'i wish it could emulate this art style').

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  • multiple swirls, poincare disks, maybe some 3d caustics functions--just off the top of my head

    • sorry  I realize that I was thinking MSG not Vectorizer.


      for the vectorizer:

      control over the rotation of the shape function

      a dual mode that would allow the pen to spew out vector shapes from shape collections.

      shape generation that follows flow lines

      --- will give it more thought..



      • I was wondering how you wanted 3d caustics integrated into the vectorizer?


        You can use the contents of the internal bezier path memory to define custom shapes for vector brush nibs when using the anti-alias solid brush type in the paint synthesizer. Are you just asking for some standard geometric options other that sphere and random blobs in the paint synthesizer for vector drawing?


        Define what you mean by flow lines so we're on the same page?

  • random evolutions!!!

    • You can use Gallery Show to generate random vectorizer presets and imagery.


      In the Paint Synth Evolution integrated help page there are some user commands to generate random vectorizer presets or randomize the existing vectorizer preset. They are down near the bottom of the help page. The name is a little confusing, since the top set of user commands in there are all paint synthesizer stuff but then at the bottom there's all kinds of other user commands for randomizing other op modes.



  • Is 3D possible with the vectorizer or only MSG as Michael said ?

    • What kind of 3D stuff would you like to be able to do with the vectorizer?

      • Like this style, I posted recently :

        • There is a Vector Fill parameter in 4.03 that lets you fill the vectorizer shapes with a few gradient shading options (as opposed to flat color).



          I'll think about some kind of gradient relief option for the shapes themselves. There might be some way to add something like that as a feature in the future.


          You could build a MSG lighting processing effect and process vectorizer output to get something like what you want today.  If i get some time in the next day i'll see if i can put something together for you to show how to do it.

          • Thanks John for your reply. When I posted my vectorizer pictures, I used Radial Gradient.

            I'll try the lighting processor with MSG.

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